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I recently discovered that I was the topic of one of my teachers’ statuses last semester.

The assignment was to write a personal essay on any topic. What did I choose? My decision to go natural.

Now, it’s something I’m proud to say I’ve done—I feel that those who have gone and are going natural are choosing to embrace their culture and part of which differentiates us from others.

I was told that my story was great; in the comments and feedback received, I felt that it was, too. Proud that I’d been able to draw someone in on something that is of some importance to me, no matter how slight.

Of course upon turning the story into my peer evaluation group, another Black female in my class decided to steal my topic of conversation (the main reason why I fear sharing my work with others). On the contrary, though, she wrote about how being natural was pretty much stupid and how the “creamy crack” is where it’s at.


Well, I was glad that my teacher (of Caucasian descent) liked my essay regardless and was aware that I turned mine in first…I was glad until today, when I saw a status about it.

“I read two stories so far by females of African American descent. Both were about hair relaxers. HOW am I supposed to not stereotype. HOW.”

Kinda makes me wonder what other teachers think outside of the classroom. And with 26 likes and a number of borderline racist comments, yes, I am offended.


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    What the actual (Bleep) I mean really?! She is dead wrong for putting that on FB and I would so have been in her office...
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    She’s basing a stereotype on two (one-two) people? Seriously? But then I guess most white people don’t really know more...
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    Instructor was dead wrong for that. Ugh.
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    I simply liked it the status and the comments that came with it. That way she knows that her distasteful statement has...
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    People never cease to disappoint me lol,
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